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Benefits of Clear Aligners over Traditional Braces

Invisalign | Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry

As an adult, it’s understandable that you would want to straighten your crooked teeth. Maybe your family couldn’t budget for orthodontics when you were younger. Or perhaps you had treatment but didn’t wear your retainer, and your teeth have relapsed into misalignment. 

Invisalign Clear Aligners Can Help

In either case, Invisalign is an excellent orthodontic option for adults who want a straighter, healthier smile without committing to treatment with traditional braces. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits Invisalign treatment in Alpharetta offers.

  • Appearance – Don’t want a mouthful of metal that announces you’re an adult in braces? Invisalign aligners are crystal clear and fit snugly over your teeth so you ...

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Is Invisalign the Right Solution to Transform and Renew Your Smile?


You’ve been putting up with crooked and crowded teeth your whole life, and you’ve finally reached the point where you’re ready to do something about it. But if you don’t have the time or patience to deal with the inconvenience of traditional metal braces, are you out of luck?

Not anymore! There's no reason to live with metal brackets and wires when Invisalign clear aligners can gently guide your teeth into proper alignment. Invisalign is an adult approach to orthodontic problems typically corrected by metal braces.

Maybe you already know that Invisalign is a very popular orthodontic treatment system that straightens your teeth quickly. If you have heard of Invisalign you probably ...

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3 Reasons to Wear Your Retainer following Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Trays | Invisalign Alpharetta GA

You just invested a lot of time and effort to have your teeth straightened with Invisalign. You wore the aligners exactly as prescribed, and now you are rewarded with the beautifully aligned smile you’ve always dreamed of.

You’re ready to put the process behind you, but now your dentist is reminding you that wearing your retainer is an essential part of treatment. You may be resistant to the idea because you’re an adult, and adults don’t wear retainers, do they?

Why a Retainer after Invisalign Treatment Is Necessary

The truth is that every individual who receives orthodontics needs to maintain the results by wearing a retainer. If you are thinking of Invisalign treatment ...

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A Clean Retainer Is a Healthy Retainer!

Invisalign Alpharetta GA

Can you imagine leaving the house for work in the morning without brushing your teeth? Of course, you can’t! You clean your teeth because you desperately need to get rid of morning breath, your teeth feel filmy and gross, and you want to protect your oral health.

But what about your retainer? If you have had orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, you need to wear your retainer as prescribed so you don’t undo all your efforts for a straighter smile. But if you aren’t caring for it correctly, a dirty retainer can actually compromise your oral health.

Signs that you need to clean your retainer are when it smells or tastes bad, it ...

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Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign | Alpharetta GA

Invisalign is a popular treatment today for getting a straighter smile, and with good reason! If you're looking into options for straightening your teeth, you've probably heard of the Invisalign system already. Here are some of the benefits of working with this treatment option: 

  • Straighter smile: Of course one of the biggest reasons that people choose to work with Invisalign is to achieve a straighter smile that they feel confident about. This treatment will give you that straight smile!
  • No food restrictions: Unlike traditional braces, you can actually remove Invisalign to eat. This means that you won't have any food restrictions or things that you can't eat, which can be difficult when you ...

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Invisalign Treatment in 3 Steps

Invisalign | Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry

Very few adults would choose to spend years of their lives stuck with metal braces. In fact, without any other suitable option, most adults would simply forgo treatment.

But we do have a very suitable option that is convenient, comfortable, and easy. Invisalign treatment at our Alpharetta, GA dental office is the simplest way we know for adults to fix crooked teeth and get the smile they want. 

And for the outstanding results they provide, treatment with Invisalign isn’t all that complicated. We can actually complete the procedure in just three steps:

Step 1: We Personalize Your Treatment Plan

Once you decide that Invisalign’s right for you, you will come to our office ...

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