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How should I take care of my new veneers?

Having veneers placed can be a very exciting event in your life! You may have been living with certain types of cosmetic dental flaws, but now you have a beautifully rejuvenated smile.

With proper care, veneers placed at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry can last as long as ten years. Of course, the more diligent you are with your oral hygiene, the longer they will last. The veneer is attached to your natural tooth, so it’s necessary to keep up with your oral health care.

Other factors also affect the longevity of your veneer. Excessive teeth grinding can place abnormal stress on the veneer, causing it to crack or chip. You must also use common sense when it comes to eating hard food like nuts that can damage the veneer. Brush and floss gently, and do not use an abrasive toothpaste.

Part of keeping your veneers in good shape is making regular appointments for dental exams. These periodic visits allow Dr. Kai to make sure your natural teeth are healthy and also check for any signs of problems with the veneers.

Veneers are a very effective cosmetic dental solution, but they do need to be treated gently. If you would like more information about caring for your porcelain veneers, please contact our Milton, GA dental office.

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