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How can we help you?

Having a clear understanding of all aspects of your dental care is essential, so we encourage you to be proactive about asking questions. You deserve to be fully informed, and we believe that no question is too small or unimportant. If a concern is important to you, it's important to us too.

We answer lots of questions for our patients, and some of those we hear most often are listed below. If you don’t see your specific question here or you would like more information, feel free to give our office a call!


As a family dentist, Dr. Kai Liang takes the safety of our patients very seriously. We only recommend x-rays when it’s essential, and if we think it’s necessary, we will explain the reason for the x-ray and how it will benefit your oral health.

Modern Dental X-Rays

For your safety and peace of mind, we are pleased to offer state-of-the-art digital x-rays that can reduce your exposure to radiation by as much as 90% compared to film x-rays.

Another benefit of using digital x-rays is that the high-resolution images they produce are very detailed, allowing us to identify and treat small problems before they become big problems. Digital x-rays are also a fantastic educational tool because we can share the images with you so you can see exactly what we see.

Digital x-rays can also save you money over the long term. Finding and treating decay in the early stages saves you money because we can address these problems when they’re small and easy to correct. Without early treatment, these conditions can develop to the point where complicated and costly dental care may be our only option for saving a tooth.

Contact Our Milton Area Dental Office

If you are looking for a family dentist in Milton, GA who can provide you with safe, gentle dentistry, please call us. We take your concerns seriously and welcome you to contact us if you would like more information about the safety of x-rays at our dental office.

At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we do everything we can to make it easy for you to get essential dental care. The ins and outs of dental insurance can be tricky to understand, so we know that you probably have lots of questions. You don't have to worry – our knowledgeable team is here to make sure you receive the maximum benefits to which you're entitled. Please don't ever hesitate to call us with your insurance questions.

Accepted Dental Insurance Plans

Your convenience is important to us, so we are happy to file all insurance claims for you. We gladly accept and work with all insurance plans, including the following: 

Simply Smiles In-House Savings Plan 



America Trust Administrators, Inc.(ATA)


Argus Dental Plan


Benefits Assistance Corporation (4Dent)

Benefits Plan Administrators

Best Life and Health Inc. Co.

Bloomfield Bank


Cigna-State of CT Employees

Corporate Benefits Service, Inc.

Companion Life


Consolidate Health Plan

Custom Design Benefits



Dental Care Plus

Dental Select

                                                                 Employee Plan, LLC

First Benefits Administrators


HealthSmart Benefits Solutions

Humana Dental


Key Benefit Administrators, Inc.(KBA)



Mutual Of Omaha

One Call dental + Doctor

Principal Financial Group

Renaissance Dental

Security Life

Self-Insured Service Company (SISCO)

SIHO Insurance Services


United Healthcare Dental

Yes, our team always performs a thorough oral cancer screening of your entire mouth during regular checkups. The exam includes your teeth, gum tissues, jaw joints, and the bone structure around your teeth. This is an extremely important part of your routine oral health care because regular oral cancer screenings at our Alpharetta dental office can help us detect the disease in its early stages, potentially saving a life.

Studies by the Oral Cancer Foundation indicate that nearly 50,000 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed in America each year. Unfortunately, the mortality rate associated with oral cancer is high. This is due to the fact that the cancer is often not discovered until it has progressed to the more advanced stages. With early detection, however, oral cancer is highly treatable, with a 90% survival rate.

Oral Cancer Screening Process in Alpharetta

An oral cancer screening takes just a few minutes and is nothing to worry about. We will examine your teeth, lips, and gums for any signs of abnormalities. For instance, what looks like a normal white spot to you might be recognized by Dr. Liang as precancerous.

Please contact our Alpharetta dental office and we'll be happy to arrange an exam and cleaning that includes an oral cancer screening. 

At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we always have your utmost safety in mind. We have chosen to use digital x-rays because they provide us with detailed images of what's going on inside your teeth, and expose you to about 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays.

Smiling Woman | Dental x-ray safetyModern Digital Dental X-Rays

We've seen a lot of improvements in dental technology in the last few years. Digital x-rays have quickly become one of the most important diagnostic tools used in dentistry today. Comprehensive visual exams are a valuable tool, but of course we cannot see deep inside your tooth to detect early signs of decay. Periodic x-rays provide us with a detailed picture that will help us guide you in important decisions about your dental care. How often we need to take x-rays depends on your current condition and dental history.

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Office

For some patients, x-rays are necessary every six months. However, if you don’t have a history of problems like gum disease and visit us regularly, you may only need x-rays every couple years. If you’re a new patient, it may be necessary to take x-rays during your first exam so we can start to develop a history as well as monitor changes to your oral health.

We understand that dental anxiety makes it difficult or impossible for some people to seek dental care. At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we do everything we can to show our patients that there's no need for stress to be a part of receiving great oral health care.

Gentle and Caring Dentistry in Alpharetta

Dr. Kai and our team understand your apprehension, and we go above and beyond to ensure your visits are pleasant and comfortable. You'll be pleasantly surprised to see that maintaining a healthy smile is easy when you're surrounded by friendly professionals who are sensitive to your needs and concerns.

Advanced Dental Technology

You'll also find that Dr. Kai invests in state-of-the-art technology designed to streamline dental procedures, making them efficient and more comfortable for our patients.

For example, if you need a dental crown, you no longer have to wait for weeks for a lab to complete it because we now offer same-day technology for our dental crowns. 3-D imaging also makes the crown procedure more comfortable because patients don't have to endure messy impressions. 

If you would like to learn more about comfortable dentistry at our Alpharetta dental office, please call us at (770) 777-2803 for more information or to schedule your next dental appointment.

Patient in pain | Sensitive Dental FillingsIt is not uncommon to experience sensitivity with some fillings. Sometimes a tooth is generally sensitive to touch and changes in temperature. In other cases, a tooth with deep decay may take a little longer to return to feeling normal because there isn't enough "insulation" between the filling and the nerve.

One bit of advice we offer patients at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry who experience sensitivity is if the tooth is feeling a little better each day, just give it time. However, if you are very uncomfortable and the sensitivity doesn't seem to be diminishing, please let us know.

How to Treat a Sensitive Tooth

When we place a new filling, we are always very careful to ensure that your teeth are meeting properly when you bite down and that there are no high spots. These high spots place excess force on the filled tooth, leading to sensitivity and discomfort.

However, you may be one of the many people who have a general problem with tooth sensitivity. If so, Dr. Kai Liang may recommend a desensitizing toothpaste like Sensodyne that contains potassium nitrate to calm the nerves in your tooth.

Reach Out to Our Alpharetta Dental Office

If you notice that one of your fillings feels sensitive and uncomfortable, please call our Alpharetta dental office so we can determine what's causing the problem.

woman talking on the phone Restorative dentistry covers a wide range of dental procedures to correct or improve the appearance of a person's teeth and oral health. These procedures can treat a number of different dental issues, including cracked, chipped, or missing teeth. Restorative dentistry can also be used to address problems with alignment and treat gum disease.

There are many different procedures that we perform in our Alpharetta, GA dental office that can fall under the umbrella of restorative dentistry. 

Common Restorative Dental Procedures

Fillings: Fillings are used to repair minor tooth damage, such as cavities. The filling material is placed in the cavity and then hardened to restore the tooth's strength and shape.

Crowns: Crowns are used to cover a tooth that is too damaged to be repaired with a filling. The crown encases the entire tooth and can be made from materials like porcelain or zirconia.

Bridges: Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. The bridge spans the space where the teeth are missing and is anchored in place by adjacent teeth.

Implants: Implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Implants are titanium metal posts used to replace the roots of missing teeth. After placement, the implant must be given time to heal. Once the dental implant has healed, a replacement tooth (called a crown) is placed on top of the implant.

Call Our Alpharetta Dental Office

We welcome your questions about restorative dentistry. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact our office. It would be our pleasure to help you restore the health of your smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Thanks to impressive advances and improvements in dental materials, we are now able to offer numerous options to patients who would like to change the esthetics of their smile. 

If you have a misshapen or poorly proportioned tooth, we offer several treatments to achieve a more harmonious smile:

Woman with cosmetic dentistry in alpharetta gaDental Bonding

Dental bonding is a conservative option for altering the shape of a tooth. Dr. Kai Liang uses a tooth-colored composite filling material to expertly build up your tooth. The procedure is efficient, so we can usually treat several teeth in one appointment. We can also use bonding to fill in uneven spaces as well as repair chipped or broken teeth.

Porcelain Veneers in Alpharetta

Porcelain veneers are another great option if you are interested in changing the appearance of your teeth to create a more pleasing appearance. Veneers are thin ceramic shells that are customized for your smile and bonded to the surface of your teeth. Since they conceal your natural teeth, we can use veneers to completely change the shape and size of your teeth.

Ceramic Crowns

Unlike veneers that sit on the surface of your teeth, esthetic ceramic crowns are designed to completely surround a tooth. While we primarily use crowns to strengthen and protect a damaged tooth, we can also use them to conceal a tooth that’s poorly shaped or severely stained.

As you can see, our practice’s options for cosmetic dentistry in Alpharetta, GA offer many solutions for you to choose from. If you would like us to help you decide which treatment is best for you, please contact us for an appointment. 

Dental bonding at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry is an effective and affordable alternative that can be used to resolve several cosmetic dental concerns. If treatments like crowns and veneers are not within your budget, bonding may be an appropriate solution, depending on your needs.

Cosmetic Issues That Can Be Fixed With Dental Bonding

One of the advantages of dental bonding is the range of problems it can address:

  • Repair chipped or cracked teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Improve the appearance of discolored teeth
  • Make teeth look longer or change their shape

Composite Material Used in Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is aesthetically pleasing because Dr. Kai uses a composite resin material that can easily be shaped and shaded to create a seamless appearance when applied to your natural tooth. Since Dr. Kai bonds the composite to the surface of your tooth, we don’t need to remove much of the tooth structure to repair it. And, because preparation is not invasive, most people don’t require anesthesia, so you don’t have to worry about injections.

If you’re short on time, dental bonding is an efficient solution when compared to other restorations because we can usually finish treatment in one office visit. You don’t need to make multiple trips or wait for your finished restoration to be completed at a dental lab.

Call Our Milton-Area Dental Office

Dental bonding is efficient, and can affordably fix several minor cosmetic imperfections. If you would like more information about bonding or other cosmetic dentistry options at our Milton, GA dental office, please call us to arrange a convenient appointment. 

At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we offer a broad range of cosmetic dental treatments to fit every need. Whether you are interested in making a slight change or would like a full smile transformation, we can help!

Teeth Whitening in Alpharetta

Teeth whitening is the fastest and most affordable way to achieve a quick smile makeover. You can choose from an in-office treatment or our convenient take-home whitening kits.

Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are very popular because they correct numerous dental flaws including stained, broken, or chipped teeth. Since veneers blend so naturally with your smile, they can be used on just one tooth or several teeth.

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

We make tooth-colored fillings using a composite resin material that can be customized to match the natural shade of your teeth. Their natural appearance allows us to create seamless fillings and make minor cosmetic repairs.

Sure Smile Clear Aligners

If you would like to correct minor tooth misalignment, we offer Sure Smile clear aligners to help get your smile back in shape. Clear Aligners are a popular short-term orthodontic treatment that eliminates the inconvenience and discomfort of metal braces.

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Office

We can choose one of these services, or combine several to achieve the results you are looking for. There is virtually no aesthetic dental concern we can’t address at our Alpharetta, GA dental office. If you are thinking of changing your smile but aren’t sure what your next step is, you can start by giving us a call. We will be happy to arrange a smile consultation with Dr. Liang to discuss your goals.

Dental bonding is a procedure done at our Alpharetta dental office that involves using a composite filling material to correct cosmetic dental flaws. Composite fillings are made using a plastic resin and silica fillers that combine to mimic the natural appearance of your dental enamel.

Bonding is an excellent way to make cosmetic repairs because it is a strong and durable material that blends perfectly with your teeth. One of the benefits is that the composite material bonds to the surface of the remaining structure of the tooth helping to prevent breakage.

Issues The Dental Bonding Can Fix

Dental bonding can resolve several problems with great results:

  • Repair cracked or chipped teeth
  • Create a uniform appearance by resolving size and shape discrepancies
  • Fill in gaps and uneven spacing between teeth
  • Conceal severe staining and discoloration

Dr. Kai mixes the material to match the shade of your teeth, and then carefully applies the composite to the area to be fixed. He builds up the material to perfectly match the shape of your teeth and then cures it with ultraviolet light to bond the composite securely to your teeth.

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Clinic

Dental bonding is a very effective solution for these problems, but depending on your situation, Dr. Kai may recommend a different type of cosmetic treatment like porcelain veneers are dental crowns.  

There are several reasons why a front tooth might chip repeatedly. An improperly aligned dental bite places excessive force on teeth that were never meant to withstand so much wear. This gradually erodes dental enamel and weakens the tooth.

Common Causes of Tooth Chipping

Teeth grinding, or bruxism may be caused by stress, or it may be the result of a faulty dental bite. In either case, this added force also places stress on teeth causing them to wear down and chip easily.

Unhealthy teeth are the most common culprit for repeated chipping of a tooth. When you don’t brush and floss conscientiously, bacteria-filled plaque builds up on your teeth. Plaque clings to your teeth and uses the foods you eat to create acids that wear and weaken tooth enamel.

We can help conceal chips with treatments like dental bonding, veneers, and crowns. But we can’t do any type of restoration until we eliminate the underlying cause of the problem.

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Office

If your teeth chip easily, please call us to see how cosmetic dentistry in Alpharetta Creek can help restore your smile. Dr. Kai Liang will examine your teeth to identify the underlying condition and create a treatment plan to correct it. 

Crowns & Bridges

Using state-of-the-art materials, today we can create dental crowns that look, feel, and function very much like a natural tooth - so much so, that even you may forget you have a crown in your mouth!

Lifespan of Your Dental Crown

Dental crowns typically last between 5 and 15 years, but many variables affect a crown’s longevity. Today’s crowns are beautiful and durable, but they are still a dental prosthetic, and you need to care for them properly to extend their lifespan.

The lifespan of a crown relies mostly on the amount of stress to which it is exposed on a daily basis. For this reason, teeth grinding (bruxism) is extremely damaging and can cause a crown to chip or break.

Other bad habits like opening things with your teeth or biting your fingernails can also place excessive pressure on a crown. And of course, the longevity of any dental work depends on how well you care for your teeth by practicing proper oral hygiene and visiting us for semi-annual checkups and cleanings. If we find evidence that you grind your teeth, we will be happy to talk to you about creating a custom nightguard to protect them while you sleep.

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Office

If you would like more information about extending the life of dental crowns, please call our Alpharetta dental office to arrange a convenient appointment.

It is crucial for your overall dental health to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible. A dental bridge placed at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry is just one option that can fill the open space and serve as a placeholder to stabilize surrounding teeth.

Whether or not you’re aware of it, your teeth are always moving to some extent. It is a very minor, subtle movement, but it does occur. When a tooth is healthy, the root not only holds it in place but also prevents adjacent teeth from moving.

Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

If you lose a tooth, the fact that there is now an open space where the root should be gives surrounding teeth room to gradually drift out of proper alignment. A dental bridge does not actually have any type of root, but the fact that it’s there prevents other teeth from moving out of place.

So, a dental bridge is helpful, not only because it fills the space and improves your appearance, but it also protects your other teeth from becoming misaligned. Misaligned teeth are unattractive, and they can lead to problems with your dental bite and make proper oral hygiene difficult.

Contact Our Alpharetta, GA Dental Office

If you have a missing tooth, please call and ask us about restorative dentistry options at our Alpharetta dental office. We will be happy to arrange a consultation so that you can discuss bridges and other tooth replacement options with Dr. Kai.

Dental Implants

illustration of implant in jaw with tooth

We are pleased to say that we offer the convenience of having your entire implant process handled from start to finish at our Milton, GA dental office. Dr. Kai Liang has the advanced training and experience necessary to place your implants and create a beautiful restoration.

Dental Implants Process

There’s a lot involved in making the decision to have dental implants placed. Once you’ve decided that you want dental implants, it’s important to know that a team of dental professionals you know and trust is handling the procedure.

The dental implant process involves several steps that require multiple visits to complete. Since all your treatment is handled right here at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, you don’t have to spend time running from one specialist to another. We can arrange convenient appointments that fit your busy lifestyle so you have a minimum of disruption to your schedule.

Contact Our Milton Dental Clinic

If you’re interested in learning more about dental implants in Milton, GA and what the procedure involves, please give us a call. The first step is to arrange a consultation to discuss your needs and determine if dental implants are appropriate for you. At that time, we will also be happy to discuss all your tooth replacement options.

Every patient presents their own unique set of conditions that requires a customized treatment plan. At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we strive to create your perfect smile. From start to finish, we make sure you are happy and satisfied with your new smile. The dental implant process can be divided into 3 phases and could take up to 7 months to complete.  

Dental Implants Alpharetta GAInitial Phase – Pre-surgical Evaluation and Planning

This phase will occur in one or multiple appointments over a period of time. If a tooth removal is required, an additional procedure called bone graft may need to be performed. We will also need a CT scan on your impacted tooth. For your convenience, CT scans can now be performed in our office onsite. The purpose of a CT scan is to give us a more precise view of your tooth and thus, allows us to create a treatment plan that is customized just for you. Our office will also take impressions and photos of your teeth at the same time.  

Implant Phase – Implant Placement

During this phase, a titanium implant will be placed at the pre-determined location(s). This procedure generally takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. From the surface, the implant will not be visible after its planted as it will be hidden underneath your gum to allow the bone and the implant to heal/integrate undisturbed for 3 to 6 months. This is the proper method for ensuring long term success.

Crown Phase – Crown Fabrication and Delivery

We are almost there! 

During this final phase, Dr Kai will check for stability and healing of the implant(s). It is important to take an impression during the first appointment of this phase. We want to make sure your tooth/crown will have the correct position, size, and color. Please expect 2 to 3 appointments during this phase to perfect your smile!

As you can see, there are a number of factors that influence the answer to this question. But it always starts with an evaluation. Early treatment is effective in reducing the overall time frame. Please call us today at (770)777-2803 to schedule your free implant evaluation!

At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we make your safety a priority. Before Dr. Kai Liang introduces any new procedures or materials to our patients, he researches them thoroughly to ensure that they contribute to your well-being. 

Learn More About Titanium in Dental Implants

Titanium is a low-density, high-strength silver-colored metal that has been used to replace joints in the body since the 1950s. It is also a biocompatible material, meaning that it is not harmful to living tissue. Titanium is completely resistant to tissue and fluid corrosion, and the body will not reject it. 

This characteristic is why dental implants are made of titanium. When you get a dental implant, the first step is placing a small screwlike post in your jaw. The post is made of titanium, so as it heals, bone and tissue in your jaw fuse around it. 

The healing process takes three to six months, during which time the implant post becomes part of your dental structure, just like the lost tooth root was. This makes it a stable base for the dental crown, bridge, or denture we attach to it.

Call Our Alpharetta Dental Practice

Dental implants in Alpharetta, GA have improved the lives of many of our patients and given them the freedom to eat, speak, and smile confidently. Please call us to arrange a dental appointment to learn more about dental implants.

Dental Implants Alpharetta | Advantages of Dental Implants Missing teeth can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life.

Health Issues From Missing Teeth

You may find it difficult to chew properly, which can lead to discomfort. Your speech may be affected, causing you to withdraw in social settings. Most importantly, embarrassment about missing teeth can ruin your self-confidence. You may also face alignment issues because neighboring teeth will gradually drift into the space left by the missing tooth.

Dental Implants Process

At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, dental implants are our preferred tooth-replacement method. Implants take over the job of the missing tooth root by stimulating healthy regrowth of the bone that supports your teeth. Without a dental implant, the bone resorbs, or breaks down, because it lacks the stimulation that a natural tooth root would have provided.

A dental implant is designed to attach to a tooth restoration like a crown or bridge. We can also use multiple implants to hold a full or partial denture securely in place.

Would you like to learn more about dental implants at our Alpharetta dental office? Please call us, and a helpful member of our team will be happy to arrange a consultation. Dr. Liang explains all your tooth replacement options so you can decide if dental implants are right for you. 

Bridges and implants both replace missing teeth, but that is where the similarity ends.

Dental Bridges in Alpharetta 

The goal of a bridge is simply to place an artificial tooth in the gap left when you lose a tooth. However, to do this, the artificial tooth must be attached to adjacent teeth with crowns, meaning we must alter the shape and size of otherwise healthy teeth to accommodate the crowns. Bridges last about eight to ten years before we need to replace them.

Dental Implant Process

A dental implant is a full tooth replacement solution. It is composed of a tiny titanium post that is implanted in your jaw, taking the place of the missing tooth root. As the implant heals, it integrates fully with surrounding bone and tissue and becomes part of your dental anatomy.

We then attach a restoration like a crown to the implant, which is the part of your tooth that functions and that everyone sees. Dental implants won’t decay, although you still have to take good care of your gums to avoid gum disease and failure of your implant.

Contact Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of dental implants? Please call our Alpharetta, GA dental office, and we will be happy to arrange a consultation at your convenience.

While dental implants may seem like a recent innovation, they are actually a time-tested tooth replacement solution that has been used for decades with a 98 percent success rate!

Why Patients Choose Dental Implants

Patients prefer implants because they are a fixed, permanent tooth replacement option. An implant is placed in your jaw and becomes a permanent part of your dental anatomy. This means they are a solid foundation for a number of restorations including crowns, bridges, dentures, and partials. Once restored, a dental implant acts, looks, and functions just like a natural tooth.

Why Dentists Choose Dental Implants

Dentists choose implants because they not only look and act like a natural tooth, they also promote healthy growth of bone and tissue in the jaw. When a natural tooth and its root are lost, the jawbone deteriorates and loses its strength and density. Implants are the only tooth replacement that preserves and stimulates natural bone growth.

Call Our Alpharetta Dental Clinic

Dental implants have received a lot of attention lately because they are the gold standard for tooth replacement. If you would like to find out if one or more implants are the right choice for you, please call Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry to arrange a convenient consultation with Dr. Kai to discuss your needs.

Losing a tooth can stir up a lot of feelings. We understand, but we don’t want you to spend any time worrying because your priority now is to replace the missing tooth. You’ll feel better about yourself without a gap in your smile, and it’s also essential for maintaining your oral health.

Tooth Loss Can Lead to Bone Loss

When you lose a tooth, you lose the root that stimulates the regeneration of bone in your jaw. The bone starts to resorb or shrink back into the body, gums recede, and the loss of bulk in your mouth causes your cheeks to sink in and give you an aged appearance. Eventually, you may start to lose surrounding teeth. 

Dental implants placed at our Alpharetta, GA dental office are the only tooth replacement that will stop this bone loss. A dental implant is a titanium replacement root that Dr. Kai Liang places surgically in your jaw.

As the implant heals, it fuses with the bone and tissue around it. Ultimately, it becomes a permanent part of your dental structure. When we attach a dental crown, bridge, or denture to it, you’ll have a tooth that’s looks, functions and feels as close to a natural tooth as possible. 

Call to Learn More about Dental Implants

In addition to dental implants, we offer other methods for replacing missing teeth. If you want to be able to smile with confidence and chew comfortably again, please call Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry for an appointment.

One good reason to choose dental implants is that they are considered the standard of care for tooth replacement. What this means to you is that a dental implant is a solution that is as close in form and function to a natural tooth as possible.

Implants vs. Dental Bridges

The most significant difference between implants and dental bridges or dentures is that an implant is an artificial titanium root that is surgically placed in your jaw. During a process called osseointegration, the artificial root fuses with the surrounding bone to become a permanent part of your dental anatomy. After healing, Dr. Kai will attach a crown, bridge, or denture to restore function and appearance.

Dental Implants Can Stimulate Regeneration of Bone

Since the implant is rooted in your jaw, it stimulates regeneration of bone. Dentures and bridges sit on top of the gums and often causes bone recession that can threaten your oral health and give your face a sunken appearance.

Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

With proper care that includes diligent oral hygiene and routine exams and hygiene appointments, the implant will last a lifetime. Many people are good candidates for dental implant placement and if you would like to see if you’re one of them, please call Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, and we’ll help you arrange a commitment-free consultation with Dr. Kai to discuss your needs.

Emergency Dentistry

At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we believe that receiving the highest quality dental treatment is essential, but it shouldn't be complicated. We understand that families have hectic schedules, so we offer early morning appointments, and we are also here until 7 PM on Tuesdays, so you don't have to disrupt your work or school day to keep up with your oral health care.

Dental Emergency in Alpharetta

That being said, if you have a dental emergency, we can usually see you the same day you call so you can get the treatment you need as quickly as possible. And if it happens to be after hours during your dental emergency, you can call our dental office for instructions on reaching our on-call dentist. We strive to be here for you when you need us most!

We also work with most dental insurances and third-party financing to help patients easily fit their dental treatment into their budgets. No need to worry if you don't have dental insurance. Our Simply Smiles Payment Plan offers flexible payment arrangements that work for you.

Contact Our Office

Call us today at (770) 777-2803 if you're looking for an excellent dentist in Alpharetta, GA. We look forward to meeting you!

We understand that when you need help with a problem like a broken tooth or a toothache, you want to take care of it as quickly as possible. You can count on the team at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry to get you in to see us as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of your dental emergency, we can often fit you in on the day you contact us.

Common Dental Emergencies

Dr. Kai and his team help with a wide array of dental emergencies in Alpharetta, including but not limited to:

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Toothaches and dental infections
  • Lost or damaged restorations like dental crowns or fillings
  • Cracked or broken dentures

Contact Our Alpharetta Office

Whatever emergency you're facing, please don't hesitate to call us. We would prefer you call right away than wait around deciding whether or not you have a genuine dental emergency. Our team will be happy to listen to your concerns, assess your situation over the phone, arrange an emergency appointment if necessary, and provide instructions to take care of yourself until we can see you.

Contact your emergency dentist in Alpharetta today at (770) 777-2803 if you or a loved one needs prompt emergency dental care. 

When it comes to dental emergencies, you can almost always expect them to occur after regular office hours or on the weekend. At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we want to make sure you get the immediate treatment you need, especially if you are in pain. Call our office at (770) 777-2803 and listen to our voicemail message for instructions on reaching us after hours. 

Common Dental Emergencies 

Here are some typical dental emergencies we treat at our John’s Creek dental office:

  • Repair broken and chipped teeth
  • Replace a loose crown or filling
  • Relieve toothaches and fill teeth
  • Treat an infected root canal
  • Remove a tooth when it’s our only option
  • Replace a knocked-out tooth

If you experience any of these dental emergencies, please call us right away. You will receive instructions for reaching a member of our team who will listen to your concerns.

They will determine if we need to see you right away or if we can wait until the next day. If for some reason we can’t handle your urgent emergency immediately, we don’t want you to suffer needlessly. Dr. Kai works with a network of exceptional local dentists who can assist you.

Contact Our John's Creek Dental Office

Whenever you need emergency dental treatment in John’s Creek, GA, please call our office first. We are here for you and will make sure that you receive the care and relief you need.

Your comfort and well-being matter to us, and if you have a dental emergency in John’s Creek, GA, we are here to provide the relief and care you need. In many cases, we are able to see our emergency patients the same day, especially if you have a critical situation like severe pain.

When to Call Our Alpharetta Office During a Dental Emergency

If your emergency is less critical—you lose a crown and you are not in pain, for instance—call Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry right away. Our helpful team will listen to your concerns, give you instructions for handling your situation, and get you on our schedule in the next day or two.

In some cases, even though we see you right away, we may not be able to complete your treatment in the same visit. But we will provide you with the immediate relief you need, and then schedule subsequent appointments to address the problem fully.

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Whether your emergency is a chipped tooth, a lost crown, or a toothache, please call Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry right away at (770) 777-2803. We will make arrangements to see you as soon as possible, evaluate your needs, and provide the high-quality care you need and deserve.

Man in pain during a dental emergency We understand that when you need relief from tooth pain, you need it fast. You can count on the team at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry to get you in to see us as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of your emergency, we can often fit you in on the day that you contact us.

Common Dental Emergencies

Some dental emergencies like a cracked or avulsed (knocked out) tooth need to be addressed immediately so we can try to save the tooth. A severe toothache is another type of emergency that needs immediate attention. You need relief quickly, but this kind of pain is also a signal that you have a significant dental problem.

While a lost crown or filling may be uncomfortable, we may be able to wait until our next available appointment. However, if pain is involved, our priority is to make you comfortable until we can restore the tooth.

Contact Our Alpharetta Emergency Dentists

Whatever emergency you're facing, please don't hesitate to call us. We would rather you call right away than wait around deciding whether or not you have a true dental emergency. We will be happy to listen to your concerns, arrange an emergency appointment if necessary, and provide instructions for you to take care of yourself until we can see you. 

The first step in any dental emergency you have in Johns Creek, GA is to call our dental office and let us know what’s happening. In the case of a knocked-out (avulsed) tooth, getting immediate treatment is critical, because the way you handle the situation can make the difference between saving and losing the tooth.

Steps to Take When Your Tooth is Knocked Out

  • Hold the tooth by the crown, and do not handle or disturb the root or any attached tissues.
  • Try to reinsert the tooth gently back into the socket, but do not force it.
  • If you can’t reinsert it, keep the tooth moist by placing it in a container of water, milk, or saliva.
  • If you can’t find a container, place the tooth in your cheek pocket to keep it moist until you get to our dental office.

If the trauma involves injury to your face or jaw or you are bleeding excessively, call 911 or go immediately to an emergency room.

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A knocked-out tooth in John’s Creek, GA can often be saved, but immediate emergency treatment is crucial. Please call our dental office at (770) 777-2803, and we’ll provide the help and relief you need.

If you lose a crown, the first step is to call Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry and let us know what is happening. Our knowledgeable team is trained to understand how to help our patients who have an emergency. If and when you need to contact us, you’ll be speaking to someone who will be able to tell you what steps to take and how to handle the problem until you get to our office.

Dental Crowns in Alpharetta 

One of the first things we’ll ask is if you are in pain. Crowns often become loose or fall out because the tooth beneath it has a cavity. So when you tell us you’re in pain, it’s a good indication to us that your situation is more critical and that the tooth is at risk for further damage.

If you are not in pain, we may not need to see you the same day. We’ll get you on our schedule as soon as possible, and explain how to protect the tooth until you get to our office. But this doesn’t mean you can delay treatment indefinitely; remember that we placed the crown was to protect and strengthen the tooth, and now that the crown is off, the tooth is unprotected.

Call Our John's Creek Dental Clinic

When you’re looking for an emergency dentist in John’s Creek, GA, call Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry first at (770) 777-2803. Our dental practice is open on Tuesdays until 7 PM and on Saturdays from 8 to 2 for your convenience. 

With true emergencies/pain, we will typically bring the patient in asap or the same day! We will do our best to get all emergencies in as quick as possible but depending on that day's schedule and the severity of your emergency treatments may take more than one visit. Give us a call and we can look into your situation!

General Dentistry

Because dental x-rays are the most valuable diagnostic tool we have available at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we use them to detect conditions in their earliest stages. Finding and treating problems when they are small minimizes your risk of discomfort and the need for more complex and costly treatments in the future.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Our goal is to use updated technologies like digital x-rays when we know they will benefit you. Compared to film-based x-rays, digital radiography exposes you to about 90 percent less radiation.

When thinking about exposure, you should know that radiation is all around us in the environment. For example, a two-hour flight exposes you to about the same levels as a set of bitewing dental x-rays, and we found that the diagnostic benefits of x-rays offset the small amount of exposure. Of course, your safety and comfort are of the utmost importance to us, so all patients must wear a lead-lined apron that provides an extra layer of protection.

Call Our Milton, GA Dental Office

Digital dental x-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool but as your family dentist in Milton, GA, we want you to feel fully informed and in control of every aspect of your treatment. Please call us if you have questions about the safety of dental x-rays so we can put your fears to rest. 

family of four smiling and laughing

At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we are pleased to offer comprehensive dentistry to all your family members aged six and older. 

We love treating children and doing everything possible to ensure they have a positive experience with us. When kids reach adolescence, they tend to have a higher rate of caries (cavities), so we provide them with the preventive treatments they need while educating you about ways you can help instill proper habits at home.

Preventive Dental Care 

Prevention is the cornerstone of our practice, and it is as important for adults as it is for kids. Even if you take great care of your teeth, you still need to come in to see us every six months for routine exams and professional cleanings.

If you skip dental appointments and a problem occurs, we'll provide the treatment you need and explain without judgment how you can prevent a reoccurrence in the future. Restorative treatments like fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, and dentures are all services we offer to restore function and improve your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Office

Are you looking for a family dentist in Alpharetta who can handle a wide range of services for all ages? We are open six days a week including Saturdays to accommodate the busy schedules of all your family members. Please call us today to arrange your appointment! 

Our responsibility is to guide you in making decisions about dental care that make the most sense for you and your family. Taking the time to build strong relationships with our patients helps us establish an atmosphere of trust where you can feel comfortable talking to us about anything on your mind. We begin this relationship at your very first dental appointment.

Customized Dental Treatment Plan

Your bi-annual dental examinations with Dr. Kai are an excellent time for you to discuss any questions or concerns you have about your dental health. For example, if you're considering enhancing your smile, Dr. Kai can also advise you on treatment procedures to help you achieve the beautiful smile you want.

We want you to feel confident with every decision you make about the direction of your dental care. Dr. Kai and our team encourage you to actively participate by asking questions and helping us understand your concerns. Working together, we'll develop a plan for treatment that helps you reach your smile goals while comfortably fitting any dental treatment you need into your budget.

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If you want to learn more about our personalized approach to dental care, please call our Alpharetta, GA, dental office to arrange an appointment.

This is a great question, and the answer may surprise you. Most people think that dental cleanings every six months are sufficient. While this may be true for a great many people, the proper frequency of preventive cleaning appointments is only something that can be decided by your dentist.

Dental Appointments for Healthy Gums

If you have healthy gums and no ongoing dental conditions that Dr. Kai is monitoring, six-month visits will probably be sufficient to keep your teeth and gums healthy. During these appointments, he looks for signs of problems that are developing without your knowledge, such as tooth decay or periodontal (gum) infection and take appropriate steps to treat it.

Dental Appointments for Those With Gum Disease

Gum disease in its earliest stages is typically easy to address with a thorough dental cleaning and improved oral hygiene efforts at home. As gum disease advances, however, it becomes more of a problem because it starts to threaten the structures that hold your teeth in place. In this case, a deep periodontal cleaning and more frequent appointments in the future will get the disease under control. However, any bone loss that occurs before we can treat the infection is irreversible.

Call Our Alpharetta Dental Clinic

You can significantly minimize your risk of developing gum disease by scheduling and keeping your six-month preventive appointments. Please call Alpharetta family dentist Dr. Kai Liang to arrange your next cleaning and exam.

If you brush and floss conscientiously and still get cavities, the problem may be that your flossing skills aren’t up to par. If you aren’t flossing correctly, you aren’t getting the most out of your daily routine.

How to Floss Like a Pro

So what's the best way to make the most of your efforts? You don't need to make flossing a major event, but you do need to put some thought in it to make it productive. Here are a few flossing tips: 

  • When you slide the floss between teeth, be sure you are getting both teeth on either side. Clean one side first, then move to the other.
  • You don’t want to just saw the floss up and down between your teeth. When the floss is in place, form a “C” shape with it so it wraps around the side of the tooth you’re working.
  • Floss is inexpensive, so don’t be stingy with it. The point of flossing is to remove plaque, but if you reuse your floss, you are just be spreading plaque to other teeth, which completely defeats the purpose!

Please Call for An Appointment

If you're not confident in your flossing skills, please call our Alpharetta, GA general to schedule a teeth cleaning appointment. One of our skilled hygienists will be happy to review the proper technique for flossing to make sure your efforts are productive.

We’re pleased to offer comprehensive dental services at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry. This means that you and your family can receive all your essential dental care right here in one convenient location. Whether you’re playing catch-up with your oral health or would just like the healthiest smile possible, we can help.

Dental Services for the Whole Family

We offer routine services like exams and professional cleanings to protect your oral health and prevent serious problems from developing in the future. Many of us aren’t lucky enough to have a completely problem-free smile, so we also provide restorative services to get your oral health back on track.

Restorative Dental Treatments

Tooth-colored fillings, crowns, and bridges are all staples of restorative dentistry and work hand in hand with cosmetic services like veneers and teeth whitening. Dr. Kai Liang has spent many years learning everything he can about these treatments. We’ll work hard to make sure that we always meet and exceed your expectations.

Dental Implants 

If missing teeth are a problem, we can help there, too. Dental implants are a unique type of tooth replacement because they don’t rely on neighboring teeth for support. The design and materials used for dentures have improved dramatically, and today we can create beautiful dentures that actually enhance your appearance.

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Clinic

Dr. Kai and our team would love to meet you in person and explain how general dentistry in Johns Creek, GA can benefit your family. Please give us a call for more information about the services we provide or to arrange an appointment.

When you have a dental problem, the first place you should turn is to your general dentist. During their training, general dentists are trained to perform a wide range of oral health treatments to maintain, restore, and enhance your smile.

As your general dentist in Alpharetta, GA, Dr. Kai has the knowledge and training to evaluate your needs and provide the most appropriate treatment to address them.

Services Your General Dentist Offers

The best way to understand the scope of what a general dentist does is to see all the services they can provide:

  • Dental exams and cleanings
  • Digital x-rays
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Emergency dental care
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Root canals
  • Tooth extraction

As you can see, these services cover all your oral health needs, and your general dentist can address all of them. Dr. Kai also provides beautiful cosmetic dentistry and is also trained in dental implant placement.

Let’s Get Started!

Achieving a problem-free smile can change your life, and your general dentist in Alpharetta, GA can make it a reality for you. Whether you need your routine dental exam and cleaning, or you have a collection of issues to address, we’ll provide the supportive and non-judgemental care you deserve

Please call Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry at (770) 777-2803 to schedule an appointment.

A dental emergency can feel overwhelming, but it helps to know that someone is available to help whenever you need it. In many cases, prompt treatment is essential for protecting your oral health.

At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we don’t ever want you to experience the helpless feeling that you’re on your own when a problem arises. We are here for you, and Dr. Kai Liang is always just a phone call away.

Emergency Dental Care in Alpharetta 

We always leave some extra time in our schedule for our emergency patients, so if your emergency occurs during regular business hours, we will do our best to see you the same day. Of course, dental emergencies seem to happen more frequently after business hours and on weekends, but you can call our office and leave a message. Dr. Kai or a member of our professional team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

As a general dentist in Johns Creek, GA, we want to do everything possible to help protect your oral health, and emergency access is just one way we make it easy to get the care you need. Our team goes out of their way to treat you like family so you can feel comfortable with us, no matter what the circumstance.

If you've shopped for a new toothbrush lately, you know that there are almost too many choices. Hard bristle or soft bristle? Electronic or manual?

It's not easy to know which toothbrush is best for you without talking to your Alpharetta, GA family dentist or hygienist, because each is effective in its own way. Everyone has unique needs when it comes to oral hygiene, and it's important to use the type of brush that helps improve your oral health.

Manual Toothbrushes

Manual toothbrushes are nearly as effective as electronic brushes if you use them correctly. Next time you have a dental cleaning, you should ask your hygienist to show you exactly how the brush should be used. You may think that you're diligent with your oral hygiene, but if you're not using the brush correctly, you’re not getting your teeth as clean as they should be.

Electric Toothbrushes

The benefit of electronic brushes is that people tend to brush longer, increasing the odds of doing a more thorough job. Kids are particularly prone to cavities, and they are usually more likely to brush efficiently with an electric toothbrush because it's just more fun. Older adults with arthritis may also find it easier to brush thoroughly with an electronic brush that does most of the work.

Schedule a Dental Cleaning

In general, the best toothbrush for you is the one that you are most likely to use. If you have questions for our Alpharetta, GA family dentist, call us to make an appointment for a professional teeth cleaning. Our dental hygienist will be happy to answer all your questions at that time.

Achieving optimal oral health is a team effort; it requires you to be proactive about oral hygiene and diet, and you need to take advantage of the expertise of Dr. Kai and our dental team.

If you’re brushing and flossing conscientiously, you are already halfway there! But even the most thorough oral hygiene routine is not enough on its own to keep your teeth healthy.

Regular Dental Cleanings in Alpharetta 

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, no matter what type of toothbrush you use, it can’t reach into all the cracks and crevices between your teeth. Plaque that remains in these hard-to-reach spaces hardens into a substance called tartar or calculus. Only a dental hygienist can remove tartar using tools designed specifically for the task.

Another part of your cleaning also involves inspecting your gums and supporting tooth structures for signs of gum disease. Gum disease can do a lot of damage before you are even aware that it’s present, making these routine check-ins with your hygienist crucial for maintaining good gum health. At the conclusion of your cleaning, your hygienist will polish your teeth to leave your mouth with a fresh, “squeaky clean” feel.

Contact Our Office

As you can see, there are many good reasons to schedule a cleaning with your dentist in Alpharetta. Please call our office and we will be happy to arrange your next appointment! 

Brushing and flossing removes plaque, tartar, and food debris from your teeth and around your gums. But have you ever thought about what lingers on your tongue?

Do you ever notice while you’re brushing that your tongue has a white coating? What you see is a film of bacteria and food debris that gets trapped between the tiny raised bumps on your called papillae.

You can try to use your toothbrush to brush away the film. But many people find this to be awkward and uncomfortable, especially those with a strong gag reflex. That’s when Dr. Kai Liang or your hygienist would recommend using a small oral hygiene device called a tongue scraper.

A tongue scraper is designed to remove the biofilm of bacteria that builds up on your tongue. They cost only a few dollars, and you can pick one up in the oral care aisle of your supermarket. After using the scraper, you should notice that your tongue has returned to its usual pink color.

The purpose is to get rid of bacteria in your mouth that can lead to gum disease and bacteria, but there are other benefits. If you have bad breath, using the tongue scraper can help freshen it. It also helps clear away the gunk on your taste buds, improving your ability to taste the foods you eat.

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Clinic

As a family dentist in Alpharetta, GA, Dr. Kai, and our team have many helpful hints for maintaining a healthy smile. Please call us to today arrange your next dental exam and cleaning.

Clear Aligners

You have completed the aligner phase of SureSmile treatment, and you are thrilled with your beautiful new smile. The process was easier than you thought, but you're glad it's over.

Or is it? Not really; many people make the mistake of thinking that SureSmile treatment ends when your finish with your aligners. But immediately after treatment is complete, you will receive a retainer and instructions for wearing it.

Importance of Wearing Your Retainer

You may think that retainers are only for kids. After all, their bones are still developing, and it's easy to see why a retainer is needed. But the fact is that adults also need a retainer because our teeth are always moving to some extent.

A retainer keeps your teeth properly aligned so they don't relapse into their original positions. There are different types of retainers, and Dr. Kai Liang will recommend the one that best fits your needs.

If you need further convincing, consider the fact that about a third of the adults who seek orthodontic treatment do so because they did not wear their retainers!

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Office

There's a lot to know about clear aligners treatment as well as other cosmetic dentistry services at our Milton, GA dental office. Please call and we will be happy to arrange a consultation to answer your questions.

SureSmile is a short-term adult orthodontic treatmSure Smile Trayent system. If you’re bothered by slightly crooked or crowded teeth and don’t want to consider metal braces, clear aligners may be just the solution you need.

Clear aligners are an innovative approach to correcting minor misalignments quickly and easily. After we determine that SureSmile is a good choice for you, Dr. Kai Liang will use specialized equipment to develop a comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan.

SureSmile Process

You’ll receive a customized series of aligners that are designed to gently and gradually move your teeth into the ideal position. Simply wear the aligners for at least 22 hours each day, taking them out only for brushing, flossing, and eating. They are removable, but keep in mind that the longer they’re worn each day, the faster you’ll see the beautiful final results.

Clear aligners are comfortable and easy to wear. At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we treat mild to moderate misalignments. The average length of treatment for adults with SureSmile is about a year. For teens, treatment times are similar to those associated with traditional braces.

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Office

If you would like to learn more about SureSmile or see if you are a good candidate, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to set up a consultation with Dr. Kai to discuss your case and decide if clear aligners are right for you.

In the past, there haven’t been many options for adults who have issues with the alignment of their teeth. You either had to live with the problem or go through years of orthodontic treatment with conspicuous metal braces.

clear aligner | 30022 Dentist AlpharettaTeeth Straightening Options

Now we have more options than ever before for correcting the problems that have been bothering you for years. From minor misalignment to more complicated issues, at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we have the solution.

SureSmile in Alpharetta

Clear aligners are very popular, and chances are you have heard of them or know someone who has gone through treatment. SureSmile can correct a wide variety of alignment problems and allow you to achieve beautiful results in as little as a year.

As effective as treatment with SureSmile is, one of the main reasons why it has gained a lot of its popularity is because it fits the lifestyles of our busy patients. Clear aligners are virtually invisible and can also be removed for eating and brushing.

It’s great that SureSmile can achieve such dramatic results, but it’s also nice to know that you have the freedom to take them out now and then. Just remember that you need to wear them for at least 20 to 22 hours per day to see the fastest results.

Learn More Today

Would you like to learn more about SureSmile at our Milton, GA dental office? Please call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kai.

SureSmile has completely changed the way we approach adult orthodontic treatment. Gone are the days when your only option for a straighter smile was bracket and wire braces. Today we can use clear aligners to straighten crooked teeth comfortably and in much less time than traditional orthodontics

At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we have helped many patients enjoy a renewed smile with SureSmile treatment. There are lots of good reasons to choose SureSmile:

Clear Aligners in Alpharetta

The clear aligners are made of a soft plastic that won’t irritate the inside of your mouth like brackets and wires. Since SureSmile isn’t affixed to your teeth, the aligners can be removed for eating and easy brushing and flossing. No one will notice you’re wearing SureSmile because the aligners are crystal clear and let your smile show through. Treatment with SureSmile is fast – we can often achieve desired results in as little as a year.

You don’t have to spend years in uncomfortable metal orthodontics to get the straight smile you want. If you are considering treatment and would like more information, please call our Alpharetta Creek dental office to arrange a consultation. Dr. Kai Liang will be happy to take the time to sit down with you to discuss your needs and determine if SureSmile is right for you.

Smiling Woman | Adult Orthodontics AlpharettaYour smile says a lot about you. If you have crooked or crowded teeth, you probably spend a lot of time trying to conceal your smile.

At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we believe that everyone deserves an attractive smile that helps them to feel confident in any social situation. Misaligned teeth detract from your appearance, but that is just one reason why we need to straighten crooked teeth.

Oral Health Issues from Misaligned Teeth

Your good dental health depends on conscientious at-home oral hygiene. When your teeth are crowded, they are difficult or impossible to clean properly. Flossing is essential, but your oral health is at risk if you can't get the floss between your teeth. Even your dental hygienist may find it difficult to floss your teeth adequately.

Lack of proper oral hygiene can put you at significant risk for gum disease. If you develop gum disease, you are at risk of developing other oral health problems.

Sure Smile in Alpharetta

At our Alpharetta dental office, we are pleased to offer Sure Smile, a popular short-term orthodontic solution. You can easily remove clear aligners for eating and oral hygiene. Most patients achieve proper alignment in about a year with Sure Smile.

If you are ready to do something about your crooked smile, please give us a call. We will be happy to arrange a consultation with Dr. Liang to discuss your needs and see if Sure Smile is the right choice for you.

Periodontal Treatment

Flossing | Is Flossing Important?I am sure by now; many of us have read the article earlier this month about flossing is not really important in maintaining a healthy mouth.  The report claims the studies show "weak" and "very unreliable" evidence that flossing effectively removes plaque. So, is flossing really important?

How Flossing Can Help Your Oral Health?

Since the article was published, the American Academy of Periodontology (Dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, and in the placement of dental implants), the American Dental Association and National Institute of Health have all came out and stand firmly behind the practice of flossing daily. “A lack of quality evidence is not indicative of a lack of effectiveness. There is no dispute over whether flossing removes plaque and debris — it does. Since prolonged exposure to the bacteria in plaque may lead to gum disease, removing it is advised,” says Dr. Wayne Aldredge, president of the American Academy of Periodontology. He says flossing is required to expunge the plaque that often lurks deep between the teeth and beneath the gums — places your toothbrush can’t always reach.

From my personal experience since I have started practicing dentistry.  Most of my patients who have been flossing regularly tend to have less dental issues, whether its bleeding gums or cavities.  Now, I know this is a “scientific study” by any means, but this is from seeing thousands of patients in my career.  There are definitely many factors when it comes to causes of gum disease/cavity, diet and home care are the 2 of the most important factors in preventing them.  Most of us probably will not change our diet for our oral health, so why not brush and floss regularly to reduce the risk of having gum disease/cavity.  The more you do at home, the less you will likely have to do in the dental chair!

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team!

The American Dental Association recommends dental visits every six months for a very good reason. This interval allows us to check in with you periodically and see if anything has changed since your last visit. If your teeth are healthy, great! Your hygienist will perform a thorough cleaning, and we’ll schedule you for your next visit in six months.

Regular Dental Visits Are Important For Your Oral Health

By seeing you regularly, we can address problems as they arise. It’s easy to see how finding and treating a tiny cavity during a six-month visit is preferable to waiting a year until you feel discomfort. Putting off scheduled visits will only result in more complicated and costly treatment to correct the problem.

During your routine checkup, we will do a visual exam and note any changes since your last visit. We will talk to you about habits like teeth grinding that may be impacting your oral health. Another benefit to routine visits is oral cancer screenings. Oral cancer is particularly aggressive, and finding it in its earliest stages might just save your life.

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Clinic

Conscientious brushing and flossing are essential, but they are only one aspect of your oral health care. If you are ready for your next cleaning and exam, please call Johns Creek, GA family dentist Dr. Kai Liang.  

Occasional bad breath is common and is usually caused by eating foods like garlic and onions. But if you have chronic bad breath, you may notice your friends and coworkers taking a step back when they speak to you. If this embarrassing experience sounds familiar, there are several things you can do to freshen your breath and protect your oral health.

Proper Oral Hygiene 

Brushing and flossing twice a day is essential, but rinsing your mouth after you eat is also helpful for fighting bad breath. Rinsing flushes sugar and acids out of your mouth and minimizes the amount of time they linger on your teeth.

You should brush your tongue as part of your oral hygiene routine. The tongue is where the majority of bacteria live and breed in your mouth. Brushing removes bacteria from your teeth, but if you skip your tongue, these bacteria will transfer to your teeth. Brushing your tongue will eliminate these bacteria and help improve your breath.

Drinking lots of water flushes away the bacteria and food debris that linger in your mouth and causes bad breath.

Dry mouth (xerostomia) is also associated with bad breath and occurs for many reasons, including stress, tobacco use, cancer treatment, diabetes, and the medications you take. Drink lots of water and chew sugarless gum or suck on a hard, sugar-free candy to stimulate the flow of saliva.

Call Our Alpharetta Dental Clinic

We are always happy to answer questions about your oral health concerns. Please don’t hesitate to call our Milton, GA dental office and arrange a convenient appointment with family dentist Dr. Kai Liang.


Gum disease is a bacterial infection that affects the structures that support your teeth, including bone and ligaments. A common sign that you have gum disease is gums that bleed when you brush. Other signs to look for are tender, puffy, or inflamed gums.

Types of Gum Disease

woman holding sign infront of mouth with smile on itGingivitis is the first and mildest stage of gum disease. Without treatment, gingivitis can quickly advance to periodontitis, the most advanced stage of gum disease. At this point, tooth loss becomes a real possibility.

The most important thing is to let your dentist know as soon as you experience any symptoms. Common treatment for gingivitis involves a comprehensive professional cleaning and improved at-home hygiene.

Dental Treatments for Periodontitis

Treatment for periodontitis involves a deep cleaning called scaling and root planing. During the scaling portion, your hygienist gently scrapes away all plaque and tartar lingering on your teeth. Next, they smooth all the root surfaces of your teeth to eliminate rough spots where bacteria can collect. You will receive tips for getting your oral hygiene on track, and we will schedule more frequent cleaning appointments in the future.

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Office

The good news is that gum disease is preventable, and all it takes is conscientious oral hygiene and routine visits to Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry for routine exams and cleanings. If it’s time for your next checkup, please call us to arrange your appointment!

If we find symptoms of periodontal (gum disease) during your regular checkup, our hygienist will recommend a dental cleaning and tips for improving your oral hygiene routine.

Gum disease is a bacterial infection in your gums that we need to treat promptly. Without treatment, periodontal disease attacks your gums, jawbone, and other structures that support your teeth. Chronic gum infections are also known to contribute to life-threatening conditions, including heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Dental Cleanings If You Have Gum Disease

For most people, cleanings twice a year are sufficient to prevent periodontal disease from developing in the first place. But if you have signs of periodontal disease, you need more frequent cleanings to keep your gums healthy and prevent the disease from reoccurring.

If you have gum disease, our hygienist will carefully and gently clean your teeth above and below the gum line to remove the infection. Once we remove the infection, your gums will start to heal. More frequent cleanings ensure that your gums heal properly and stay healthy.

As your Alpharetta family dentist, Dr. Kai Liang is committed to helping you achieve optimal oral health. Regular dental exams and cleanings are essential treatments we offer that protect your oral health by preventing serious problems like gum disease.

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Clinic

Please contact our dental office to make an appointment for a dental exam and cleaning. We will work with you to establish a treatment plan that will keep your teeth and gums healthy for many years to come.

If you are a smoker, you already know the risk you are taking and the toll that smoking takes on your overall health. Aside from all the other physical problems caused by smoking, the habit also harms your mouth, gums, and teeth.

Smoking Can Stain Teeth

One effect most smokers are highly aware of is staining of the teeth caused by tar and nicotine in the tobacco. It doesn’t take long after you start smoking for your teeth to become yellow and discolored. We frequently see long-term smokers who neglect their oral health and end up with dark, stained teeth.

Gum Disease Can Develop Faster

Everyone gets plaque on their teeth, but smokers are more prone to producing plaque. This means that gum disease develops faster than it does with non-smokers. Smoking also limits oxygen in your bloodstream, making it difficult for your gums to heal after periodontal treatment.

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Smokers need to be especially diligent about keeping up with regularly scheduled appointments with our Milton, GA family dentist. Seeing you every six months allows us to monitor your oral health and look for signs of gum disease and treat it before it significantly damages your teeth and gums.

We also screen for oral cancer during these check-ups. Early screenings allow us to detect cancer in its early stages when it is still highly treatable. Unfortunately, the mortality rate for oral cancer is very high, and these screenings may save your life.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are an excellent cosmetic treatment that has transformed the smiles of millions of people. If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to improve the appearance of your smile, porcelain veneers are an excellent option.

Advantages of Veneers

One of the advantages of porcelain veneers is that they are quite versatile and can be used to correct multiple problems on just one tooth or multiple teeth.

Veneers may be the solution for you if your teeth are:

  • Discolored
  • Too large or too small
  • Worn down
  • Chipped or broken
  • Too widely spaced

Dental veneers are thin shells of tooth-shaped porcelain that are customized to fit over the front surface of your own teeth. In many cases, veneers can give you a whiter and straighter smile without the need for braces, tooth-whitening trays, or any other dental appliance. Our patients especially love the fact that porcelain veneers can transform their smile in only two office visits!

Because of the continuing advances in veneer technology, veneers are quickly becoming Liang’s first choice for improving his patients’ smiles and preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

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Please contact our office if you would like more information about porcelain veneers in Alpharetta, GA. We will be happy to arrange a consultation to show you how veneers can make you proud to smile again!

The entire process of getting porcelain veneers in Alpharetta takes about two to three weeks. However, there are a couple of factors that can affect the time needed to complete your makeover.

  • Your current oral health – Thinking about the transformation you’re about to achieve with veneers is exciting, but we need to address underlying oral health problems first. You wouldn’t paint a house with crumbling walls, and we don’t place veneers on unhealthy teeth or gums. If we don’t address these problems, and a cavity spreads or you need gum disease treatment, we would have to remove and then replace your veneers.
  • Your personal preference – Porcelain veneers come with a high price tag, and many patients who want the benefits can’t fit the cost into their budget. Composite or direct veneers are an affordable and non-invasive alternative that works well for many of our patients. The cost is lower than veneers created at a dental lab because Dr. Kai performs the entire procedure here at our office.

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If you’re considering a smile makeover with veneers at our Alpharetta dental office, call us to arrange a consultation with Dr. Kai. He will evaluate you to check the condition of your oral health and explain the pros and cons of direct and lab veneers.

Teeth that are damaged or have cosmetic issues can easily detract from the harmonious appearance of your smile. But these inconsistencies can also make oral hygiene difficult which can potentially lead to periodontal disease.

Porcelain Veneers 

Fortunately, porcelain veneers placed by Dr. Kai Liang at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry are a beautiful, practical solution for eliminating gaps and spaces between your teeth. Porcelain veneers are increasingly used by dentists because they address a number of cosmetic dental imperfections such as teeth that are unevenly spaced.

Veneers work so well because they conceal your natural teeth with a very thin shell of porcelain. We can not only match the porcelain to the color of your natural teeth, but we can customize their shape to cover your tooth and close gaps and uneven spacing and alter the shape or size of the tooth. 

Dental Veneers Process

The process for placing porcelain veneers at our Milton, GA dental office is easy and usually requires only two or three appointments. We can help you resolve your cosmetic dental concerns, and provide you with a perfectly symmetrical, beautiful smile in just a few weeks.

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While porcelain veneers are an excellent solution for these types of problems, they may not be the most appropriate choice for your needs. Please contact our office to arrange a consultation, and we will help you decide which treatment will work best.

Cosmetic dentistry has a come a long way in recent years; thanks to advances in dental materials and the way we use them, treatments like porcelain veneers are no longer a luxury reserved only for celebrities.

Porcelain Veneers in Alpharetta

Veneers are ultra-thin shells of porcelain that are placed on the surface of a tooth to improve its appearance. Since a veneer completely covers your tooth, we have many options for improving your smile.

  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Conceal chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Make crooked smiles look straighter
  • Bring disproportionate smiles into balance
  • Lighten the appearance of dark or stained teeth
  • Resurface damaged dental enamel

If you are wondering whether veneers are the best choice for you, we should start with a smile consultation. This is an essential part of the process and helps us understand what your goals are and how you would like us to help you achieve them. In some cases, we may find that a different treatment would be more appropriate.

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Are you ready to take the next step to a confident, beautiful smile? Please call our Johns Creek, GA dental office, and we will be happy to arrange a convenient time for you to meet with Dr. Kai Liang.

Root Canals

We know that root canals have a bad reputation. But dental techniques and technology have advanced to the point where fear of the procedure is unnecessary. Today, a root canal performed by a skilled dentist is no more complicated than filling a tooth.

Deep within your tooth is a chamber that contains the pulp of your tooth. The pulp is made up of tissue, nerves, and the blood supply that keeps a tooth alive. If severe decay or infection penetrates this part of the tooth, the most common symptom is pain that gets steadily worse over time. At this point, a root canal is the only solution for relieving your pain and protecting your oral health.

A Root Canal Can Relieve Your Pain

Unfortunately, it’s the pain that most people remember, and they and blame it on the procedure. But as you will see from the steps below, a root canal does not cause pain, it relieves it!

  • The first step is to numb the area thoroughly with a topical numbing agent. Next, Dr. Liang gently administers the local anesthesia and waits to proceed until he is certain you’re numb and won’t feel anything.
  • Next, he carefully clears away all the infected material from your tooth, then fills and seals it. That is all there is to it! You may be in pain you arrive, but the moment you are numb, the pain will disappear!
  • Since a tooth can become brittle after a root canal, we usually recommend a dental crown to strengthen and protect it from further damage.

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If you suspect you may need a root canal, please call our Alpharetta creek dental office to arrange a consultation and get the help you need.

There’s nothing quite like the pain of an infected root canal, and it’s natural that you would seek any solution to relieve it, including extraction. But the fact is that a root canal in Alpharetta, GA will alleviate your pain and is far preferable to removing the tooth for several reasons.

Root Canal Can Help Preserve Your Tooth

Because the goal of dentistry is to keep all your teeth healthy and functional for as long as possible, Dr. Kai recommends a root canal so we can preserve as much of your tooth structure as possible. Tooth loss for any reason has repercussions that can impact your overall health now and far into the future.

The pressure and forces applied to teeth through biting and chewing stimulate the regeneration of bone in your jaw. If we extract the tooth, the jaw bone no longer needs to maintain its bulk, so it begins to collapse.

Also, each time you lose a tooth, you lose about 10 percent of your chewing ability. Your teeth are all designed to work together, and losing a tooth causes surrounding teeth to drift and fill the gap. This puts your healthy teeth at risk for decay and gum disease and also changes your appearance. As your jaw bone shrinks, your face starts to take on a sunken, aged appearance. 

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If you believe you have a root canal infection, please talk to us before you decide to have the tooth extracted. We want to preserve your teeth for as long as possible so you can avoid these problems and continue to enjoy a healthy smile for many years to come.

Teeth Whitening

It is a fact of life that, as you age, your teeth will start to look dull and discolored. As the years go by, the underlying dentin in a tooth naturally yellows while the enamel covering your teeth gets thinner, allowing the dentin to show through. Your dental enamel also becomes more porous, which also attracts stains and food particles.

Common Causes of Severe Dental Staining

However, most severe dental staining is a result of poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, or the deeply colored foods you consume, like coffee, tea, red wine, and dark berries. You don’t necessarily have to eliminate these foods from your diet, but knowing which foods to avoid or cut back on will keep your bright smile whiter longer.

Teeth Whitening in Alpharetta, GA

If stained teeth are making you feel self-conscious when you smile, we offer solutions to fit your needs. You can choose an in-office whitening treatment if you would like to see immediate results. We also offer convenient take-home whitening kits that take a little longer but still do a very effective job. You can spend a lot of time and money on store-bought whiteners, but they can’t offer the same dramatic results that you will get with professional whitening treatments.

Please call Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry if you would like to learn more about our convenient, effective teeth whitening treatment options.

Tooth Extraction

First, it's helpful to understand that wisdom teeth are the product of millennia of evolution.

Our ancestors needed a lot of chewing force to grind up the tough meats, grains, and vegetables that were a part of their diet. But today, with a diet of processed foods, wisdom teeth no longer serve any real purpose.

Problems That Can Be Caused By Wisdom Teeth

In fact, they often cause crowding and alignment problems because our jaws have gotten smaller. Also, they are the teeth farthest back in your mouth, which makes wisdom teeth difficult or impossible to clean properly. Since wisdom teeth don’t emerge until your late teens or early twenties, in some cases there isn’t enough room for them to erupt at all and they become impacted or stuck in your gums. This can cause pain, and the teeth will ultimately need to be removed.

Family dentist Dr. Kai Liang will recommend removal of wisdom teeth at our Johns Creek, GA dental office on a case-by-case basis. He will monitor the development and positioning of these teeth and let you know if extraction would be the healthiest solution for you.

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If your wisdom teeth are bothering you or you aren’t sure if they should be removed, please call us to arrange a consultation.


When you have a tooth extraction in Alpharetta, GA, there are some steps you can take to care for yourself afterward that will help you have a smooth recovery process. Our team will give you thorough instructions to guide you throughout your recovery step by step.

Sticking to soft foods the first couple days after a tooth extraction is best. Here are some ideas for your meals and snacks:

  • Applesauce
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Soup
  • Yogurt
  • Oatmeal

Avoid spicy foods and extreme temperatures. Consuming your foods and beverages at room temperature keeps them from irritating your extraction site.

You can also take pain medication as needed during the first few days. You should continue your home care routine of brushing and flossing, just being careful and gentle around your extraction site.

Keeping your blood clot intact is essential to allow healing. Avoiding activities like smoking or drinking through a straw will help keep your blood clot in place and can prevent a painful condition called dry socket.

Your team at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry is here to support you throughout your tooth extraction and beyond into your recovery process.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Alpharetta dental office at (770) 777-2803.



Tooth-Colored Fillings

Any type of lingering tooth pain is a sure sign that it is time to call the dentist. If we address the problem as soon as you experience pain, we can help you avoid more complicated and painful problems later on. We would rather find out that your problem is minor than have you risk damaging your oral health by waiting to call!woman holding jaw from tooth pain

There are numerous reasons why you might suffer a toothache:

  • Tooth decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Infected root canal
  • Chronic teeth grinding
  • Misaligned dental bite

Avoiding the inevitable is never good because whatever is causing the pain is sure to worsen over time. When pain is still minor is the best time to call us because there is a good chance we can prevent a small problem from becoming major.

Whatever the reason for your tooth pain, the first step is to provide you with relief. We understand that even a mild toothache can make it hard to function, so we will do our best to see you the same day.

If you are in pain, please call our dentist at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, and we will be happy to make arrangements to see you.

Chipped Tooth Repair | Cosmetic Dentist AlpharettaAt Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we always look for the most conservative and affordable solutions for our patients. Dental bonding is an easy, cost-effective procedure that can be used in a number of ways to solve several esthetic problems. Bonding allows us to:

  • Fill in chips and build up broken teeth
  • Create fillings that closely match the look of your natural teeth
  • Close uneven spaces and gaps between your teeth
  • Correct the appearance of severely stained teeth
  • Refine the shape of irregular teeth

The process of bonding requires little or no preparation of the teeth to be treated. Once the composite is applied to your teeth, Dr. Kai Liang will expertly shape and polish the tooth so that it blends perfectly with your natural tooth enamel. Bonding is so efficient that we can often fix several minor problems during a single appointment.

The technique used to bond the composite material to your tooth results in a repair that looks and acts like the surrounding natural tooth. In many cases, the procedure doesn’t require the use of an anesthetic. Dental bonding provides immediate results and is a great cost-effective alternative to porcelain veneers. If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of dental bonding, please call our Alpharetta dental office to arrange a convenient appointment.

Patient in pain | Sensitive Dental FillingsIt is not uncommon to experience sensitivity with some fillings. Sometimes a tooth is generally sensitive to touch and changes in temperature. In other cases, a tooth with deep decay may take a little longer to return to feeling normal because there isn't enough "insulation" between the filling and the nerve.

One bit of advice we offer patients at Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry who experience sensitivity is if the tooth is feeling a little better each day, just give it time. However, if you are very uncomfortable and the sensitivity doesn't seem to be diminishing, please let us know.

How to Treat a Sensitive Tooth

When we place a new filling, we are always very careful to ensure that your teeth are meeting properly when you bite down and that there are no high spots. These high spots place excess force on the filled tooth, leading to sensitivity and discomfort.

However, you may be one of the many people who have a general problem with tooth sensitivity. If so, Dr. Kai Liang may recommend a desensitizing toothpaste like Sensodyne that contains potassium nitrate to calm the nerves in your tooth.

Reach Out to Our Alpharetta Dental Office

If you notice that one of your fillings feels sensitive and uncomfortable, please call our Alpharetta dental office so we can determine what's causing the problem.

Probably not. Tooth-colored fillings in Alpharetta, GA go by several names – composite fillings, dental composites, white fillings – and the material was developed specifically to create seamless dental fillings that are strong and durable.

These fillings are called composites because they are a mixture of materials that give them their strength, beauty, and natural appearance. When combined, the glass and resin particles used look very similar to dental enamel.

Dr. Kai Liang further customizes the composite material to match the shade of your teeth closely. When we place the filling on the tooth, most patients can’t detect the repair, which makes it unlikely that anyone else will!

These characteristics also make the composite material quite versatile. We commonly use tooth-colored filling material to:

  • Fill cavities and eliminate tooth decay
  • Build up chipped or broken teeth
  • Improve the shape or size of a tooth
  • Close uneven spacing between teeth
  • Create conservative, no-prep veneers

If you need to fill a cavity or have cosmetic smile flaws you would like to address, please call Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry. Dr. Kai will evaluate your needs, talk to you about all the options we offer, and help you decide if a tooth-colored filling is the best solution for your needs.

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