Dental Crowns & Bridges in Alpharetta

Even if you are proactive about your oral health care, problems can arise. Fortunately, modern dentistry makes it possible for us to provide numerous dental options that help restore the beauty, health, and function of your smile. At Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry, we specialize in creating restorations like crowns and bridges for teeth that have been affected by decay or other damage.

Dr. Kai Liang believes that we can provide you with the highest standard of dental care by offering cosmetic and restorative treatments that improve your oral health while they enhance the appearance of your smile. 

man smiling after getting dental crownsDental Crowns Restore Function and Beauty

We use dental crowns to protect a damaged tooth and restore it to its original size, shape, and function. The first step when placing a dental crown is to prepare your natural tooth to ensure that your crown fits comfortably and looks natural. We then take impressions that we use to create a model for your new crown. During this appointment, we’ll also fit you with a temporary crown to wear until your final crown is ready to be bonded securely to your tooth.

You may think of a dental crown as being a solution for broken or damaged teeth. But dental crowns completely surround and conceal your natural tooth, so we often use them to solve certain cosmetic problems:

  • Conceal severely stained or discolored teeth
  • Cover older metal fillings that have darkened
  • Replace old, unattractive dental work

Dr. Kai works with the finest custom dental labs in our area that fabricate your dental crown to our specifications. When the process is finished, you will have a natural-looking restoration that exceeds your expectations!

Same-Day Dental Crowns in Alpharetta, GA

In addition to traditional dental crowns, we offer same-day dental crowns in Alpharetta. Same-day dental crowns can be created and placed in just one appointment, so you don't have to return to the dental office for final crown placement. With no need for a temporary crown or multiple dental visits, the process for same-day crowns is faster and more convenient for our patients.

If you need an immediate dental crown, discuss same-day crowns with our dental team to find out if they're the ideal solution for you.

older woman hugging man from behindReplace Missing Teeth with Fixed Bridges

A fixed dental bridge is designed with an artificial tooth that sits in the open space. The artificial tooth is attached to crowns on adjacent teeth for support. If you have two missing teeth in the same spot, Dr. Kai may recommend a dental implant for added stability.

When we place a bridge, Dr. Kai follows a similar process as that for placing crowns. He prepares your anchor teeth for the crowns, takes impressions, and sends all our specifications to a custom dental lab that custom crafts your restoration. When your bridge is ready, you'll return to our office, and we will cement it securely in place.

Reclaim Your Beautiful Smile

If you're interested in learning more about how we can help restore your healthy smile, please call our Alpharetta dental office, and we’ll be happy to make an appointment for a consultation at your convenience.