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How We Use Our Quality Dental Crowns in Alpharetta, GA

January 25, 2021
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How We Use Our Quality Dental Crowns in Alpharetta, GA

Dental crowns have been a staple in dentistry for decades, but today’s quality crowns mean a more natural-looking and longer-lasting restoration.

Your dentist in Alpharetta, GA relies on the latest technologies and most trusted labs to create custom tooth crowns that blend easily with your smile and look just like your teeth.

How Tooth Crowns Can Be Used

If you have tooth trauma, deep decay, or have undergone a root canal, your dentist may decide to treat and prepare your tooth for a crown instead of a tooth-colored filling. If the situation has weakened the structure of your tooth, a crown restores strength and creates a supported bite function. With dental crowns, you can enjoy your favorite foods without concern for further tooth damage. Often a dental crown means the difference between keeping your tooth instead of having it extracted.

Your dentist also uses a tooth crown to cap a dental implant post following integration. A dental implant in Alpharetta, GA is a tooth replacement root made from sturdy titanium. Your dentist surgically places this root. After several months, it bonds with your jawbone and is ready for a dental crown.

In some cases, a patient may choose to conceal a chipped, discolored, or misshapen tooth with a dental crown to enhance their smile.

For patients with tooth loss, who opt for a dental bridge, dental crowns anchor this bridge of restoration teeth (typically one or two) across their smile gap. The crowns cap the teeth on either side.

Taking Care of Your Dental Crown

Fortunately, dental crowns need the same care as natural teeth—no added steps.

  • Visit your dentist regularly for exams and teeth cleanings.
  • Brush your teeth at least two times each day.
  • Never use your teeth or your crowns to twist off a bottle cap.

Are You Considering Dental Crowns?

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