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Need a Root Canal? Here’s How the Process Might Change in the Future

December 14, 2018
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No one likes the idea of having a root canal, but a lot of the fear that still exists is unwarranted in modern dentistry. Improved techniques and technology mean that we can perform root canals in Alpharetta that are more efficient and more comfortable than you can probably imagine.

During a root canal, Dr. Kai cleans out the infection then disinfects and seals the tooth. A temporary filling will be placed to protect the tooth until you return for your follow-up appointment when he can ensure that all the bacteria has been removed.

Delivering Reliable Outcomes

However, the problem is that today there’s really no way to guarantee that all the bacteria have been removed immediately after your procedure. We obviously can’t treat any lingering bacteria if we can’t detect it, and it’s possible that we may need to retreat the tooth in the future. 

But a study done by King’s College in London and published recently in the Journal of Dental Research indicates that researchers there have developed a device that finds bacteria in the root canal. The technology is called SafeRoot, and it detects residual bacteria by using fluorescent dyes and fluorescence microscopy.

We don’t know exactly when this exciting new technology will become widely available, but when it does, we will be able to check for lingering bacteria during the procedure and reduce the potential need for retreatment in the future. 

Root Canals Save Teeth

For many, the first indication of an infected root canal is severe pain that won’t subside and gets worse over time. You need immediate relief, and performing a root canal is the only way to provide it, short of extracting the tooth. If we don’t perform or root canal promptly, you are at high risk of losing the tooth.

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Dr. Kai performs stress-free root canals in Alpharetta, and many of our patients report it was far easier than they thought possible. To learn more and arrange an appointment, please call at (770) 777-2803.

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