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Tips for Keeping Your Smile Healthy

August 19, 2020
Posted By: Alpharetta Creek Restorative Dentistry
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Your smile is one of the first things others notice about you. Healthy smiles look clean and polished, but they don't happen by accident. It takes a lot of work and sometimes dental procedures to maintain beautiful teeth and gums. 

Brush and Floss Every Day

Flossing and brushing help get rid of plaque that always builds up on your teeth and at the gumline. You can prevent infection, tooth decay, and gingivitis through routine at-home teeth cleaning. Over time, plaque can easily develop into periodontal disease, which can be highly destructive to the jawbone and gums. Use a length of floss that allows you to use a clean section for each tooth and wrap the floss tightly around each tooth like a squeegee.

Flossing properly involves cleaning the space between your teeth. If you notice consistent bleeding that doesn't go away after a week or two of daily flossing, you should make a dental appointment with Dr. Kai Liang and Dr. Fadi Obeid

If you are interested in proper brushing and flossing techniques, just ask us!

Visit Your Alpharetta, GA Preventive Dentist at Least Twice Yearly

Regular dental cleanings are the best thing you can do for your mouth. It allows us to keep track of any oral health issues, and your patient records will reflect years of dentistry. Infrequent dental cleanings can harm your general health and wellbeing; gum disease is linked to heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, obesity, even premature births. 

When you visit the office, not only do we polish your teeth and remove tartar, but we also screen for oral cancer, high blood pressure, and other health conditions. 

Quit Smoking!

We all know how smoking can lead to oral cancer and other devastating health conditions, but did you know that it can stain your teeth an unattractive yellow? Long term use can create deep stains that can be hard to lighten. 

Smoking can also be damaging to your teeth and gums, causing gums to recede and become loose around teeth. Tobacco use is one of the biggest culprits for gum disease. 

Keeping Your Teeth and Gums Health Is Easy!

Forming good oral health habits isn't difficult, and it keeps your entire body happy. Ask your dentist in Alpharetta, GA for any advice or tips!

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