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What Does Each Tooth Do?

August 23, 2017
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Your teeth have a lot of work to do, and we really do take them for granted – until there’s a problem, that is. It’s only when you lose the function of a tooth that you realize how valuable every single one is!

Each of your teeth performs a particular function in your mouth. Some teeth tear, some chew, and others help you pronounce words clearly. And they all work beautifully together to maintain a youthful appearance by supporting your lips and filling out your face.

The Roles Your Teeth Play

If you want to appreciate the importance of your teeth fully, it's helpful to have an understanding of what each type of tooth does and how they all contribute to healthy function.

  • Incisors are the four upper and lower teeth in the very front of your mouth. They have flat, straight edges and are perfect for cutting and tearing food.
  • Canines are the four slightly pointed teeth next to your incisors in your upper and lower jaw; your dentist calls these teeth cuspids. Similar in function to incisors, they also cut and tear food. Canines guide your teeth into place when you bite down, and they also fill out your face by supporting your lips and.
  • You have eight pre molars – two on each side of your canines in your upper and lower jaw – that maintain the height of your face. The flattened top of premolars also makes them essential for chewing and mashing food.
  • Your molars are the widest and flattest teeth. They also maintain facial height and are used for chewing. You have twelve molars – six in the upper and six in the lower jaw. Wisdom teeth are the four molars farthest back that are last to erupt.

Please Call Us for More Information

Alpharetta dentist Dr. Kai Liang believes that knowledge is power. In this instance, you can see how and why the loss of a tooth can have such a profound impact on your oral health and your confidence. If it’s time for your next dental appointment or you just have questions for us, please give us a call! 

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