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How long does it take to get veneers?

The entire process of getting porcelain veneers in Alpharetta takes about two to three weeks. However, there are a couple of factors that can affect the time needed to complete your makeover.

  • Your current oral health – Thinking about the transformation you’re about to achieve with veneers is exciting, but we need to address underlying oral health problems first. You wouldn’t paint a house with crumbling walls, and we don’t place veneers on unhealthy teeth or gums. If we don’t address these problems, and a cavity spreads or you need gum disease treatment, we would have to remove and then replace your veneers.
  • Your personal preference – Porcelain veneers come with a high price tag, and many patients who want the benefits can’t fit the cost into their budget. Composite or direct veneers are an affordable and non-invasive alternative that works well for many of our patients. The cost is lower than veneers created at a dental lab because Dr. Kai performs the entire procedure here at our office.

Contact Our Alpharetta Dental Office

If you’re considering a smile makeover with veneers at our Alpharetta dental office, call us to arrange a consultation with Dr. Kai. He will evaluate you to check the condition of your oral health and explain the pros and cons of direct and lab veneers.

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