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Why do I need a root canal? Can’t you just extract the tooth?

There’s nothing quite like the pain of an infected root canal, and it’s natural that you would seek any solution to relieve it, including extraction. But the fact is that a root canal in Alpharetta, GA will alleviate your pain and is far preferable to removing the tooth for several reasons.

Root Canal Can Help Preserve Your Tooth

Because the goal of dentistry is to keep all your teeth healthy and functional for as long as possible, Dr. Kai recommends a root canal so we can preserve as much of your tooth structure as possible. Tooth loss for any reason has repercussions that can impact your overall health now and far into the future.

The pressure and forces applied to teeth through biting and chewing stimulate the regeneration of bone in your jaw. If we extract the tooth, the jaw bone no longer needs to maintain its bulk, so it begins to collapse.

Also, each time you lose a tooth, you lose about 10 percent of your chewing ability. Your teeth are all designed to work together, and losing a tooth causes surrounding teeth to drift and fill the gap. This puts your healthy teeth at risk for decay and gum disease and also changes your appearance. As your jaw bone shrinks, your face starts to take on a sunken, aged appearance. 

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If you believe you have a root canal infection, please talk to us before you decide to have the tooth extracted. We want to preserve your teeth for as long as possible so you can avoid these problems and continue to enjoy a healthy smile for many years to come.

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