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My teeth feel fine. Why do I need to see the dentist?

The American Dental Association recommends dental visits every six months for a very good reason. This interval allows us to check in with you periodically and see if anything has changed since your last visit. If your teeth are healthy, great! Your hygienist will perform a thorough cleaning, and we’ll schedule you for your next visit in six months.

Regular Dental Visits Are Important For Your Oral Health

By seeing you regularly, we can address problems as they arise. It’s easy to see how finding and treating a tiny cavity during a six-month visit is preferable to waiting a year until you feel discomfort. Putting off scheduled visits will only result in more complicated and costly treatment to correct the problem.

During your routine checkup, we will do a visual exam and note any changes since your last visit. We will talk to you about habits like teeth grinding that may be impacting your oral health. Another benefit to routine visits is oral cancer screenings. Oral cancer is particularly aggressive, and finding it in its earliest stages might just save your life.

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Conscientious brushing and flossing are essential, but they are only one aspect of your oral health care. If you are ready for your next cleaning and exam, please call Johns Creek, GA family dentist Dr. Kai Liang.  

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