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Why should I use a tongue scraper?

Brushing and flossing removes plaque, tartar, and food debris from your teeth and around your gums. But have you ever thought about what lingers on your tongue?

Do you ever notice while you’re brushing that your tongue has a white coating? What you see is a film of bacteria and food debris that gets trapped between the tiny raised bumps on your called papillae.

You can try to use your toothbrush to brush away the film. But many people find this to be awkward and uncomfortable, especially those with a strong gag reflex. That’s when Dr. Kai Liang or your hygienist would recommend using a small oral hygiene device called a tongue scraper.

A tongue scraper is designed to remove the biofilm of bacteria that builds up on your tongue. They cost only a few dollars, and you can pick one up in the oral care aisle of your supermarket. After using the scraper, you should notice that your tongue has returned to its usual pink color.

The purpose is to get rid of bacteria in your mouth that can lead to gum disease and bacteria, but there are other benefits. If you have bad breath, using the tongue scraper can help freshen it. It also helps clear away the gunk on your taste buds, improving your ability to taste the foods you eat.

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