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Why does my tooth keep chipping?

There are several reasons why a front tooth might chip repeatedly. An improperly aligned dental bite places excessive force on teeth that were never meant to withstand so much wear. This gradually erodes dental enamel and weakens the tooth.

Common Causes of Tooth Chipping

Teeth grinding, or bruxism may be caused by stress, or it may be the result of a faulty dental bite. In either case, this added force also places stress on teeth causing them to wear down and chip easily.

Unhealthy teeth are the most common culprit for repeated chipping of a tooth. When you don’t brush and floss conscientiously, bacteria-filled plaque builds up on your teeth. Plaque clings to your teeth and uses the foods you eat to create acids that wear and weaken tooth enamel.

We can help conceal chips with treatments like dental bonding, veneers, and crowns. But we can’t do any type of restoration until we eliminate the underlying cause of the problem.

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If your teeth chip easily, please call us to see how cosmetic dentistry in Alpharetta Creek can help restore your smile. Dr. Kai Liang will examine your teeth to identify the underlying condition and create a treatment plan to correct it. 

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