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Do wisdom teeth always need to be removed?

First, it's helpful to understand that wisdom teeth are the product of millennia of evolution.

Our ancestors needed a lot of chewing force to grind up the tough meats, grains, and vegetables that were a part of their diet. But today, with a diet of processed foods, wisdom teeth no longer serve any real purpose.

Problems That Can Be Caused By Wisdom Teeth

In fact, they often cause crowding and alignment problems because our jaws have gotten smaller. Also, they are the teeth farthest back in your mouth, which makes wisdom teeth difficult or impossible to clean properly. Since wisdom teeth don’t emerge until your late teens or early twenties, in some cases there isn’t enough room for them to erupt at all and they become impacted or stuck in your gums. This can cause pain, and the teeth will ultimately need to be removed.

Family dentist Dr. Kai Liang will recommend removal of wisdom teeth at our Johns Creek, GA dental office on a case-by-case basis. He will monitor the development and positioning of these teeth and let you know if extraction would be the healthiest solution for you.

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